Calming Pillow Sleep Sachet
Calming Pillow Sleep Sachet

Calming Pillow Sleep Sachet

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Looking for an all natural way to get a better sleep? 

Our Calming Sleep Pillow Sachet is perfect for you! 

An all natural way to help fall asleep and stay asleep, we have combined a signature blend of essential oils along with lavender, chamomile and garden-grown hops flower to help aide in a better rest. 

All three herbs have been used for centuries to not only help with falling asleep but also improves the overall quality of your sleep. Simply place the Pillow Sachet in your pillowcase before bed; you may gently crush the sachet to provide more scent if you prefer. Once it no longer holds a scent (about one to two months), you can compost the herbs in your garden and order a refill from us. The refill comes with enough of our signature blend to fill two Pillow Sachets. 

Suitable for all ages.