Dark Goddess Loose Incense

Dark Goddess Loose Incense

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Dark Goddess incense by Lovewolfe Apothecary is a loose blend of 9 specifically chosen plants, flowers, and resins. Floral, earthy and heady, this blend is intended to connect you with the energies of the moon, the serpent, the inner self and most of all the chthonic power of Her.

A perfect offering to any Dark Goddess, or for use during meditation or shadow workings.

Made and empowered under the full moon in Virgo.

Each box contains 1 resealable bag of loose incense (about 42g).

*Loose incense should only be burned in a heatproof container such as a cauldron or a bowl filled with salt or sand. Never leave burning charcoal unattended and always burn incense in well ventilated spaces. Not safe for oral consumption.