Demeter’s Harvest Tea
Demeter’s Harvest Tea

Demeter’s Harvest Tea

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Demeter is the goddess of the harvest, grains, cycle of life & death, sacred law (justice) & fertility of the land; Demeter is also an important character in Persephone’s tale! Handcrafted in their small Denver witchshop by RITUALCRAVT, this tea blend can be used year round to nourish and support you in harvesting the bounty of your workings, restoration and connection with any aspect of Demeter. Made for witches by witches. Please see ingredients below and be aware of any allergies to herbs.

Directions: Use one tablespoon of herbs per 8oz. of water for tea.

Ingredients: genmaicha, milky oat tops, tulsi, and spearmint *contains light caffeine*

Once finished, the tin can be repurposed for other herbs or treasures.

You will receive approximately 2.36 oz net wt. which is good for 20-25 cups of tea.