The Herbalist's Guide

The Herbalist's Guide

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Create the home apothecary of your dreams!

With a little bit of knowledge, Mary Colvin believes that anyone can develop their own homemade remedies and medicines. In The Herbalist’s Guide, she introduces you to the world of herbalism and shares her own knowledge about herbal actions, the concept of energetics and its importance in herbalism, basic botany, harvesting, herbal preparations, miscellaneous materials used to make herbal medicine, and other tools of the trade.

Chapters include full-color photos for identification and come with exercises for information retention, suggestions for additional reading and education, and recipes for simple remedies.

By the end of this book, you will come away with:

- An understanding of herbalism basics
- Guidance to experiment with thirty-five commonly used herbs
- All the information you need to practice safely and effectively
- A fully stocked home medicine chest
- And so much more!