Hoya Silver Splash
Hoya Silver Splash
Hoya Silver Splash

Hoya Silver Splash

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The Hoya Silver Splash is characterized by their deep green leaves that offer a long, oval shape with a point at each end, as well as gorgeous silver variegations. They are very easy to care for and are happy both trailing out of their pot, or climbing up a moss pole.

Pro Tip: The more light it receives, the more silver variegation it will show off, and sometimes stems will turn a shade of purple. Too much sun will result in leaf yellowing, though.

4” pot.

☀️ - indirect sunlight
💧 - water when fully dry
🐾 - pet friendly
💡 - light amount: medium

Note: nursery pots are usually .5” to 1” smaller than listed so that you can fit your plant into a decorative pot. As with all living things, every plant is different. We try our best to capture what you will receive in terms of color and size of your new plant.

All plants are packed as securely as possible and are shipped via UPS to ensure prompt delivery of your new plant. Some leaves on some plants may be tender and shipping can cause blemishes on leaves — this is to be expected and is completely normal.