Wraith Ointment

Wraith Ointment

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With truth in our hearts, and love on our lips, we approach the veil. We sit amongst the shades in the grey realm of Spirit. This is a place of truths, of great lessons and wisdom. Only enter this place in sound mind and body, for not every being in the mist is your friend.

Wraith Ointment, crafted by SEVEN SISTERS. A necromantic ointment made manifest on the last of the month, in heavy ritual, and concentrated in the name of She of the Crossroads. Use this ointment for Spirit communication and divination.

PLEASE practice safe spirit work. Be aware of the energies around you and work within a protective circle.  Be sure to close every door you may open when in their realm to avoid hitchhikers.

Contains: Wormwood, Mugwort, Dittany of Crete to aid in spirit manifestation. Yarrow, to aid in visions and for courage. Dandelion Root, and Mint, as offerings to Hecate, for protection and to call benevolent spirits forward.

This ointment contains a healthy dose of entheogens  (psychoactive herbs).  DO NOT USE if pregnant or nursing.

Comes in a 1 fl.oz. tin.