7 Card Year Ahead Digital Tarot Reading

7 Card Year Ahead Digital Tarot Reading

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Have a look into what may be in store with our Year Ahead Tarot reading! This online reading will include the following:

Firstly we will look at what you have accomplished this year, or what you haven’t yet, as a way to close out this year and begin anew.

Next we will look to the Horizon, and what you can expect in the new year. You’ll discover what obstacles you may face as you strive to achieve what is laid out on the Horizon card.

We will also examine your strengths and how to use the power within you to overcome the obstacles you may face. You will also reflect on lessons you’ve learned with an advice card that will work with your strengths to help you obtain your goals.

Your reading will end with the Navigation and Clarity cards, two cards that may help you the most in the year to come. The navigation  card will help you set your mind to your goals, and the clarity card will help you maintain that focus throughout the year to come.

You will receive a PDF file with each card meaning and a paragraph on how it pertains to your situation, as well as a photo of your pulled tarot cards. Most readings are completed within 72 hours and are done in the order they are placed. Some readings may take up to five to seven business days to receive.