Breathe Easy Herbal Blend
Breathe Easy Herbal Blend

Breathe Easy Herbal Blend

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Sip • Smoke • Soak

Our organically grown herbs are the only things you’ll find in our Herbal Blends, featuring three different choices to best suit your needs.

Breathe Easy includes ingredients that can help support your respiratory system and ease the symptoms of withdrawal when quitting nicotine while offering a smooth and bright flavor profile. 

Eucalyptus: removes congestion and promotes clear airways

Mullein: Heals the respiratory system and acts as an expectorant; restores skins moisture barrier

Peppermint: Sinus relief, soothes inflammation and itchiness on the skin and scalp

Red Raspberry Leaf: reduces nicotine cravings, assists in clearing up acne and reduces cramping caused by menstrual cycles

Used as a tea: 12 cups
Used in a bath: 2-3 baths
Used to smoke: 24 rolls