Calming Herbal Blend
Calming Herbal Blend

Calming Herbal Blend

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Sip • Smoke • Soak

Our organically grown herbs are the only things you’ll find in our Herbal Blends, featuring three different choices to best suit your needs.

The Calming Herbal Blend should be used when stress feels like it is affecting your ability to relax or sleep. Meant to ease anxieties and reduce nervousness, as well as ease symptoms of tension headaches.

Lavender: one of the ultimate herbs for relaxation when consumed and carries both calming and antibacterial properties when used in a bath

Passionflower: reduces anxiety and promotes a restful sleep; helps to heal sunburn and restore skin moisture

Rose: a smooth flavor when consumed and astringent for the skin

Skullcap: reduces feelings of anxiety and is anti-inflammatory when consumed or used in a bath

Used in a tea: 12 cups 
Used in a bath: 2-3 baths 
Used to smoke: 24 rolls