Cedar Cleansing Wands

Cedar Cleansing Wands

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Cedar (cedrus libani) has been used for centuries for many different reasons. The smoke of cedar is considered purifying, and ia also said to stop bad dreams. 

Our cedar cleansing wands are hand-harvested from trees on our property are bound and then dried for at least two weeks before they are ready to sell.

Large wands measure approximately 4 inches long and are 1 inch in thickness.

Small wands measure approximately 3 inches long and are 1/2 inch in thickness.

How to Use: To purify your home, light the cedar so that it smoulders and smokes. Carry it into each room and walk in a clockwise manner. Think positively, and with intention.

You may also hang cedar where you’d like as home protection, or throw into a wood burning fire to cleanse and offer the sweet aroma of the cedar. 

NOTE: never leave cleansing wands unattended. You may use the wand more than once by extinguishing any smolder and placing in a fire proof container or bowl.