Coconut Milk Bath
Coconut Milk Bath
Coconut Milk Bath

Coconut Milk Bath

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Treat your skin with our Coconut Milk Bath; this luxurious bath uses all natural ingredients, including coconut milk powder and botanical powders to create a deeply indulgent experience. Blended with essential oils, this bath will leave you feeling refreshed and nourished. 

Choose from any one of our three Coconut Bath Milk:

Antioxidant - featuring lavender botanical powder that provides skin boosting benefits (antimicrobial abilities help reduce body acne, helps soothe irritated skin and burns) and lemongrass essential oil that boosts mood and provides anti-inflammatory properties

Hydrating/Toning - featuring rose botanical powder that provides a boost to the skins natural hyaluronic acid levels improving appearance and texture, and grapefruit essential oil that can increase cellular turnover and promotes collagen production 

Soothing - featuring chamomile botanical powder that provides relief from skin sensitivities, eczema and psoriasis and ease the appearance of redness, and Jasmine essential oil that can help reduce the appearance of skin texture as well as provide astringent properties 

To Use: add the desired amount of powder to bath water and disperse with fingers until dissolved. Best enjoyed if placed in the water just before you get in or immediately after. 

Keep water out of the jar at all times. If clumping occurs, shake thoroughly. 

Ingredients: coconut milk powder, botanical powders (rose, lavender or chamomile), essential oil

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.