Make Your Own Poppet Kit

Make Your Own Poppet Kit

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In your Make Your Own Poppet Kit, you will receive two felt halves of a poppet, a small felt heart, stuffing, embroidery thread to sew the poppet, a scroll to act as a taglock, and two white and two black head pins. 

Please bear in mind this is a ritual item and small irregularities or imperfections are to be expected.

Please see our bulk apothecary section to add any herbs or roots you may want; these are some popular suggestions; 

Stinging Nettle - Discomfort 
Rose, Jasmine, or Damiana - Love 
Rue or Yarrow - Silence Gossip
Lemon Balm, Eucalyptus or Feverfew - Physical Healing 
Patchouli, or Calendula - Money Drawing
Blessed Thistle, Boneset, Horehound, or Hyssop - Purification or Protection

*This item is sold as curio and is for entertainment purposes only*