Dandelion Rescue Barrier Bar
Dandelion Rescue Barrier Bar

Dandelion Rescue Barrier Bar

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This solid lotion bar was designed to assist with hydrating and healing dry and sore skin. 

Formulated with all organic products, including dandelion infused apricot kernel oil, shea butter and candelilla wax, a little of this lotion goes a long way. Dandelion is a natural antioxidant, and as such, is perfect for use on sensitive, cracked, dry and eczema prone skin. It also has a high linoleic acid content that, when applied topically, helps the skin retain its natural moisture. 

How to Use: Melt the bar directly on the skin and rub in. Use as needed to hydrate and heal skin. 

Store in a cool, dry place. We recommend storing the bar in the fridge in the summer and take it out to warm it up for a bit before use. 

Warning: Do not use if you are allergic to dandelion. 

Melt Warning: Do not leave in a hot environment as product is prone to melting. Pickup is advised during warm weather. If shipped during the summer, please be advised that it may melt and need to be put in the fridge to re-solidify. This does not affect the quality or performance of the lotion bar.