New Moon Loose Incense
New Moon Loose Incense

New Moon Loose Incense

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This beautiful aromatic incense & candle dressing blend is a combination of cinnamon, star anise, dried violets, sage, and mugwort. 

This handcrafted loose incense is perfect for celebrating the dark moon and enhancing your casting during this time. Burn on its own or use to dress your candle during the new moon. Casting intentions may include shadow work, protection, divination, journaling, banishing and meditation. 

You will receive one 15g zip pouch of loose incense.

Burning Instructions and Safety

Prepare a heatproof bowl by adding about 2 inches of sand or ash to the bottom 

Pick up a charcoal puck with tongs and light it until it sparks 

Place the charcoal disc in the sand and wait several moments for it to heat up 

Sprinkle a pinch of your loose incense directly onto the disc and enjoy the aroma! 

When the incense has been burned up, clear the ash from the tongs and sprinkle more loose incense if desired. If you are finished, you can leave the disc to burn to ash 

Never leave loose incense burning unattended