Digital 3 Card Tarot Reading

Digital 3 Card Tarot Reading

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If you need assistance in your life and wish to receive guidance, our resident tarot reader is here to assist you.

You will receive a PDF file with each card meaning and how it pertains to you and your life, as well as a photo of your pulled tarot cards. Most readings are completed within 72 hours and are done in the order they are placed. Some readings may take up to five business days to receive.

Please choose a three card spread on one of the following:

Past | Present | Future - fantastic for an overall look at your life

You | The Other Person | The Relationship - for those already in a relationship looking to achieve insight

Stop | Start | Continue - gain insight on the adjustments you should consider to improve your life

Mind | Body | Spirit - how your mind, body and spirit are working currently and what can be done to improve connections

Material State | Emotional State | Spiritual State

You | Your Current Path | Your Potential - career insight with your current path and what your potential could be in the near future (and changes if necessary)

Current Situation | Obstacle | Advice - helping you gain insight to your current situation be it career, love, etc and the obstacles and advice to achieve positive results