ENERGIZE Aromatherapy Collection Candle

ENERGIZE Aromatherapy Collection Candle

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Our Energizing Aromatherapy Collection Candle is an invigorating combination of orange, refreshing eucalyptus and tart Sicilian lemon to help bring an awakened feeling to your mind and improve your mood. Topped with a sprinkle of eucalyptus leaves. 

Our vegan soy-coconut candles are our most popular sellers!

Crafted with essential oils and made with a wood wick to ensure a clean, slow burn, the candles are also topped with botanicals to compliment the complex scent in the wax for a truly aromatic experience. 

How to Use: Trim wood wick short before lighting. Never leave any candles unattended. Never burn for more than three hours at a time; do not touch outer container while candle is lit.