Focus Herbal Blend
Focus Herbal Blend

Focus Herbal Blend

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Sip • Smoke • Soak

Our organically grown herbs are the only things you’ll find in our Herbal Blends, featuring three different choices to best suit your needs. 

Focus is fantastic when you have deadlines to meet or want to take the edge of stress off. It can help elevate your mental clarity and enhance your concentration. 

Calendula: boosts the bodies defense systems; anti-inflammatory and promotes skin healing properties

California Poppy: eases tension and can aid in concentration; in baths it can help relax muscle, nerve and joint pain

Holy Basil (Tulsi): calms stress and supports immunity (considered an adaptogen); antioxidant and antimicrobial properties when used in a bath or tea

Lemongrass: calms and soothes feelings of anxiety; antioxidant and may help relieve symptoms of PMS

Used as a tea: 12 cups 
Used in a bath: 2 baths 
Used as an herbal smoke: 24 rolls