Lilith Sigil Candle

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A devotional candle dedicated to Lilith, Queen of the Night for all your ritual workings with her, by Venus Moon Emporium. 

To help you connect with Queen Lilith and her fierce energy. She represents rebelliousness and equality, independence, strength, courage, sensuality and sexual freedom. Ultimately, she represents standing up for yourself and what you truly believe. She helps you to transform into your highest potential and embody the deep dark Feminine Divine within you.
She is truly a powerful Goddess to work with and I am happy to offer this candle and other offerings dedicated in her to honour to help you connect with her in a deep and meaningful way.

Candle is made from pure soy wax in a black matte vessel with a metal lid. Her wax sigil is placed on top of the candle to begin your connection and invocation to her. An herbal incense blend specifically chosen in workings with Lilith surrounds the sigil. All candles were ritually prepared and offered up for her blessing. Scented in a deep rose musk floral scent with a hint of benzoin (vanilla).