Moon Spell Loose Tea

Moon Spell Loose Tea

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Moon Spell is an herbal love song for your "Moon Time". A gentle blend of carefully chosen ingredients, that work together to lessen the symptoms of your menstrual cycle, by Lovewolfe Apothecary.

Owner Lilith says; “As someone who struggles with womb related issues, I wanted to create a remedy that was easy to take, and that provides reduction of some of the worse symptoms I experience. Whether you embrace your Moon Time or not, this tea is for anyone struggling with that time of the month.”


Marshmallow root

•Used as an aphrodisiac in ancient times, and by modern Wiccans in love and rituals of union
•A demulcent; Marshmallow is high in mucilage and is a fantastic lubricant. When taken internally it can lessen inflammation, and help repair stomach lining which can benefit stomach ulcers and overall gut health


•Rich in vitamins and iron
•Astringent and a hemostat which can quicken coagulants in the blood and help to stop bleeding
•Can improve circulation and complexion as a stimulant

Raspberry leaf

•High in iron, B and C vitamins and antioxidants
•Long used by mothers during labor and even after childbirth
•Eases pain of the stomach and is a strong astringent much like Nettles
•Leaves contain Fragarine which purportedly can help tighten pelvic muscles and lessen pain during menstruation


•Significant in many world religions, seen as a symbol of fertility and long renowned for its medicinal properties. It is associated with Persephone in Greek mythology. In Christianity it is found in many religious artworks as a symbol of ressurection and immortality. In medieval artwork pomegranate trees are a feature of the unicorn hunt as a symbol of fertility, and many medical associations use the pomegranate in their coat of arms.

•High in vitamin C, B9 (which combined with B12 helps red blood cells and iron work in the body, and aids in production of DNA and RNA), iron, and antioxidants

•May lessen symptoms of inflammation and aid in digestion

•Has potential antibacterial and anti cancer benefits
•Potentially increases endurance

All herbs listed may be beneficial to overall kidney health as well!

Suggested Serving

Use 1-2 tsp per cup of boiling water. Tastes great with raw honey.

All ingredients are organic and hand blended in small batches. Label is water soluble so you can reuse the tin!


When taking herbal remedies, always consult with your doctor if the ingredients listed are safe for you. Some herbs can interact with medications, or be harmful to those who are pregnant or nursing.