Natural Hag Stones

Natural Hag Stones

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Known by many different names including witch stones and Odin stones, these Hag Stones have been found by our resident witch Maeve along rocky beaches and shorelines across the country. 

Created naturally by water erosion over time, Hag Stones have found their place in lore for many centuries. Sailors would nail a Hag Stone to the bow of a ship for a safe journey, those wishing to cure an ailment or protect themselves would wear the stone on a cord around their neck, and some believe that one can use a Hag Stone to see into the world of the Fae. 

These stones are sought after for these reasons, and the belief that magic cannot work on moving water, and since the holes in hag stones are made by the force of this element (water) that the stones retain water’s beneficial influence.

A hagstone will be chosen intuitively for you; carry it with you in your pocket, wear it, or put it on display in your home. 

Hagstones measure from 1.5” to 4”.