Truth and Harmony Gemstone Spell Bracelet

Truth and Harmony Gemstone Spell Bracelet

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This bracelet, made with genuine amazonite gemstones and lava beads, is perfect for bringing truth and harmony into your life. Amazonite is said to balance energy, soothe emotional trauma, dispel negative energies, and alleviate worry and fear. Pair the powerful amazonite with your favorite essential oils; simply add a drop or two on a lava bead.

All bracelets go through a spellwork ceremony to infuse intention into the crystal beads and enhance their properties.

All bracelets are threaded onto a double elasticized invisible band for strength. 

Size: These bracelets can stretch and are the ideal fit for a wrist measuring 6-8” around.

All bracelets are presented in an organza bag with a small information card about the gemstones used in the creation of the bracelet. As all of the stone beads used are natural, they are not all exactly the same and may have some inclusions. This is perfectly normal.