Ritual Essentials Kit
Ritual Essentials Kit
Ritual Essentials Kit

Ritual Essentials Kit

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New to the herbalism, ritual, or the craft and not sure where to start? We've chosen what we feel are the most iconic, versatile staples in our practise, and have assembled them in this kit!

It features four labeled, 10ml apothecary-style glass jars with screw top lids to guarantee longevity of the herbs and ease of storage in a convenient organza bag. 

Lavender - Use in spells for enhancing clarity, love, protection 

Mugwort - Use in spells for clairvoyance, protection, prophetic dreams, healing, purification

Rose - Use in spells for love, healing, luck, protection, divination, psychic powers 

Rosemary - Use in spells for fidelity, remembrance, dispelling jealousy 

You can also use all of these herbs as loose incenses in your practice.